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dog boarding groomingWelcome to Country Waggin Resort and Grooming, Alta Loma's premier dog grooming and dog boarding facility. Country Waggin Resort and Grooming makes your pet feel at home with our friendly service and award winning attitude.

Hello, my name is Denise Martinez.

I have been in the animal industry since 1999. And I managed Country Waggin for 2 years before I took over the business as the new owner. After attending an accredited grooming school and 3 years in a RVT program at Mt. San Antonio College I worked as a Vet Tech for 6 years. I have spent another 6 years working in dog kennels and grooming facilities. My staff and I have dedicated our lifes work to the health and care of animals. We are very passionate about our work and will care for your pet as if they were our own. Here at Country Waggin we will continue to provide excellent service to you and your pet.

The staff is always kept up to date in the grooming and kennel industry by attending trade shows and seminars yearly. Country Waggin Resort and Grooming has become one of the leading Groom shop and dog boarding facilities in the Inland Empire. dog vitamins

The reason for our success is due to our policy of never forcing grooming on a pet that is not comfortable and providing excellent customer service to our valued customers. We are one of the few shops that allow the owner to stay with their pet during the grooming process if needed.

To make an appointment for a Grooming Session or for our dog boarding facilities please call (909) 989-9982

We have put together an interesting and informative web site for you. Take your time and look around. We discuss dog breeds, from toy dog breeds that include the toy poodle, to the giants like the great dane.

We have gathered a few homemade dog food recipes, so you can feed your dog the best dog food available. You can make a big batch of several of these dog food recipes and freeze the leftovers for convenience and to save time.

We have just added a line of pet vitamins. Good nutrition is vital to your pet's health.

Have puppys? We have gathered some of the most common dog names so you can choose one (or decide which names to avoid.)

We have dog jokes and stories especially for dog lovers.

We even have pages that explain dog health and dog care. We talk about kennel cough, which can happen for various reasons when boarding your dog.

There is a lot of great and useful information for dog owners on this site and we are glad you are here. Please don't hesitate to ask us questions using our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you.

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Country Waggin' can take care of all your dog boarding needs. Boarding your dog can be a stressful time for you and your pet. We work hard to make your pets dog boarding experience smooth and easy
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Dog Grooming FAQ: Answers to your dog grooming questions
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Dog grooming pricing and FAQs
Dog Vitamins
Try NuVet Dog Vitamin supplements for your dog.
Kennel Cough
The term Kennel Cough is the common name used for Canine Infectious Tracheobronchits. Here are some of the most common illnesses that your dog can have and what to do about it.
Dog Health Care
One of the most important aspects of owning a dog is good dog health care. A healthy dog is a happy dog, which leads, in most cases, to a happy owner.
Getting Rid of Fleas
Click here to learn the methods of getting rid of fleas and the answer to the question, "Can fleas live on people?"
Dog Facts
Interesting Dog Facts and facts about dogs. Dogs were domesticated from wolves at least 17,000 years ago, but maybe as early as 150,000 years ago.
Dog Kennel
What different types of dog kennel are available and what to look for in dog boarding kennels
American Kennel Association
Clubs and Associations like the American Kennel Association and the American Kennel Club can be a large part of your life with your pet.
Dog Breeds
There are an estimated 58 million dogs in the US, with over 700 dog breeds, with all these choices in dogs, which breed is the best for you?
Dog Food Recipes
Looking for Dog Food Recipes? We have a few great ideas to get you started. Dogs need to eat healthy too. Why should we have all the fun?
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Great dog jokes for everyone. We try and keep it clean!
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Whether you use regular dog Groom Supplies, or plan on using Show Dog Grooming Supplies, there are hundreds of products on the market.
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