American Kennel Association and other Clubs and Associations

american kennel association

Clubs and Associations like the American Kennel Association and the American Kennel Club can be a large part of your life with your pet. If your own or plan to purchase a pure breed dog, these groups are there to guide you in numerous aspects of owning one of these highly prized pets.

On their website, the American Kennel Association has a section that, if you have not yet purchased that pure breed, they can give you the history, specifications, temperament and all other vital information on about 600 breeds of dogs. This information can be an invaluable tool when making a decision that can effect the next 10 to 15 years of your life.

dog vitamins Since September 17, 1884 when a group of twelve dedicated sportsmen, met in the rooms of the Philadelphia Kennel Club as delegates from their own dog clubs that had held a benched dog show or had run field trails, the American Kennel Club has been in the forefront of, as they put it so well on their website, “We’re more than Champion Dogs” . . “We’re the dog’s Champion.”

There are many dog clubs & Associations throughout the US and the world that cater to all of the aspect of your specific breeds. There are dog clubs for:

Agility Clubs – where your dog and you demonstrate that you can work together through a variety of situation.

Conformation Clubs – at dog shows, judges will evaluate a dog’s conformation or how closely his physical structure conforms to his particular breed’s “standard.”

Obedience Clubs – where a dog must perform a prescribed set of exercised which the judge scores.

Performance Clubs – Performance events give today’s purebred dogs the opportunity to perform the tasks for which they were originally bred.

Tracking Clubs – Tracking tests held under AKC regulations require a dog to follow a trail by scent.

Show Clubs – where you get to show off your dog. Two of the more famous shows include the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, and the Detroit Kennel Club dog show.

These are just a few of the dog clubs that you can find by searching the internet or by purchasing books at stores that specialize in pets. What ever you can think of, there is probably going to be someone else who has already started a dog club for that.

Depending upon which state you live in, there are associations and clubs ready and willing to have you and your pet as members. Just a few are the Durham Kennel Club, in Durham in North Carolina, the Colorado Kennel Club, the Palm Beach Kennel Club, Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, Harrisburg Kennel Club, Continental Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. They are all there to help you and your dog live a more healthy and satisfied life together.

When you’re talking about the American Kennel Club or the American Kennel Association, they were established for pure breeds only. What about those people who have the lovable “mutts” that enter our lives. There are dog clubs for almost every dog out there, even “mutts.” Search the internet or talk to other people you see at dog parks to find these dog clubs or associations. They will make the experience of owning a pet just that much greater.

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